Natural Fruit Popsicles

Natural fruit popsicles are the perfect wholesome frozen treat. Fruit popsicles are made in 5 minutes + 6 hours of freezing time. Enjoy popsicles natural, creamy, or with added sugar. This post includes all types of variations.

A stack of different flavored popsicles

Homemade popsicles are the perfect go-to treat. They are sweet, refreshing, and all-natural. I like to add sugar to my recipes; however, additional sugar is unnecessary. I like things on the sweet side.

Here is a general recipe that can be used universally with all kinds of fruit. I like this recipe because I can mix and match the fruit. It is also an excellent way to use up fruit before it goes bad.

If you are looking for specific flavor or flavor modifications, I have those as well. Some of my favorites are lemonade, strawberry, and lime. Note that lemonade and lime follow a different recipe than the fruit recipes below.

A large measuring cup filled with blueberries, pomegranate, and a couple of rasberries

Easy Recipe Ratio Chart

I use the recipe chart below when making fruit popsicles. The chart helps me make the number of popsicles according to how much extra fruit I have. The recipe uses 1 cup of fruit between 9 – 12 ounces of liquid. The average popsicle mold is 3 ounces in size, thus making 3 – 4 popsicles 

ServingFruitLemonSugar/Honey/AgaveWater Salt
15 ounces1 cup1/2 lemon juicedTwo tablespoons1/4 cuppinch
30 ounces2 cupsOne lemon juiced1/4 cup1/2 cuppinch
45 ounces3 cups1 1/2 lemons juiced1/3 cup +
One tablespoon
3/4 cuppinch

Watch How to Make Strawberry Popsicles

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Substitutions and Variations

Coconut WaterSubstitute water with coconut water for a more tropical flavor.
CreamyMix in yogurt for a creamy and indulgent treat.
Fruit ChunksAdd fresh fruit chunks to the popsicle mixture for added texture and flavor.
Herbal InfusionsInfuse herbs like mint or basil in the popsicle mixture for a unique and refreshing taste.
HoneyAdd a touch of honey for an added flavor profile layer.
Lemon or Lime JuiceAdd lemon or lime juice for a tangy twist on your fruit popsicles.
MilkSubstitute water with milk for a creamier popsicle.
Sparkling WaterAdd sparkling water to your popsicle mixture for a bubbly and refreshing treat.
Two popsicles - one with food coloring and without
Lime Popsicles – One with food coloring and one with natural

Popsicle Molds

Growing up, we always used dixie cups to make popsicles. Since then, the options and availability of popsicle molds have evolved. While I still love the Dixie cups for nostalgia, there is a mold to suit every taste and preference nowadays. Here are a few ideas for popsicle molds.

Popsicle MoldDescription
DIYUse paper cups, plastic wrap, and popsicle sticks to create a mold home.
Ice Cube TrayUse an ice cube tray to make smaller, bite-sized popsicles. You can use toothpicks for a stick.
MetalA reusable metal popsicle mold that can be filled with your favorite ingredients.
SiliconeA flexible silicone mold that makes it easy to remove popsicles.
Hand holding popsicle

Expert Tips and Tricks

Add texture and variety: Add texture and variety by incorporating fresh fruit chunks. Berries taste great, as do mango and pineapple.

Boost the Color – For a pop of color, add 3 -4 drops of yellow gel food coloring.

Popsicle mold: Invest in a quality mold to make uniform and easy-to-handle popsicles. Silicone molds are a great option as they are easy to use and clean.

Run the mold under warm water: To remove the popsicles from the mold, run it under warm water for a few seconds to loosen them up.

Unmolding Popsicles – Frozen popsicles tend to become stuck within the mold. If this happens, run the mold under warm water for 30 seconds. After that, gently pull the popsicle from the mold. If the popsicle does not release, repeat in 15-second increments until it frees. Use caution not to get water in the mold.


How long do popsicles take to freeze?

Popsicles generally will freeze in four hours. After they are frozen, unmold the popsicles and savor them or store them to enjoy later.

How do I store natural fruit popsicles?

Line an airtight storage container with parchment or wax paper. Neatly line the container with a row of popsicles. Lay another piece of parchment or wax paper on top, repeating in layers until the container is full. Store in the freezer for up to three months.

A stack of different flavored popsicles.

Natural Fruit Popsicles

Natural fruit popsicles are made with fresh or frozen fruit. These popsicles are delicious and easy to make! What is even better, real fruit popsicles are a summer recipe that is fun to make with kids!
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Course: Dessert, Treats
Cuisine: American
Servings: 12 Popsicles
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • Blender
  • Popsicle mold or dixie cups
  • Craft sticks


  • 1 cup fruit, frozen or fresh (237g)
  • ½ lemon, fresh squeezed (54g)
  • 2 tablespoons honey or agave syrup (42g)
  • 1 pinch salt


  • Blend: Place all ingedients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Mold: Pour all ingredients into mold. Insert craft sick and freeze for at least six hours.
  • Unmold: Unmold and enjoy. You might need to run the mold under warm water for the popsicle to release.


Recipe Notes:
To store the popsicles, place the frozen popsicles on a baking sheet and freeze for an additional 1 – 2 hours. Once the popsicles are frozen solid, place them in a freezer bag. I then like to place the popsicles into a storage container to protect them.
Affiliate: The equipment section may contain affiliate links to products used in this recipe.


Nutrition Facts
Natural Fruit Popsicles
Amount per Serving
Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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