About Ruth

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Welcome to Sinful Kitchen

Vegan Recipes for Everyone!

Hi, I’m Ruth, a vegan food enthusiast with over a decade of restaurant experience and many decades of cooking for friends and family. I started this blog to share my love of food with others and to help people make delicious vegan recipes at home.

I’m passionate about making delicious vegan foods accessible to everyone. I aim to use affordable and easy-to-find ingredients in my recipes, and I provide ingredient substitutions and cooking tips to help you succeed.

All my recipes are tried, tested, and tested again before publishing, so you can be confident that they’re delicious and easy to follow.

About Ruth

Chocolate is My Love Language

I have had a lifelong love affair with creating, making, and savoring food. I have loved cooking for my family as early as middle school. Back then, my favorites were beef stroganoff and spaghetti pie. A lot has changed since then; nowadays, I am all about creating and sharing great vegan recipes.

I am a native of Denver, Colorado. I live with my husband Kurt and our beloved beagles. My family includes three step-children, a daughter-in-law, and two adorable grandkids.

By day, I work within a school district. I cherish my job and colleagues. Beyond the kitchen, I love musical theater, beagles (really any animal), and all things Colorado.

2 year old Ruth with Chocolate all over face

Random Facts About Ruth

  • I own every kitchen gadget ever made (maybe not literally, but it feels like I do.)
  • I became a vegetarian after hearing Alice Walker read Am I Blue over 30 years ago.
  • Over time, I transitioned from vegetarianism to veganism.
  • I avoid buying random one-off ingredients and prefer to look for substitutions.
  • I have had a long relationship with Starbucks, but now I make Starbucks copycats at home.
  • I have earned a Master of Education from CSU and a Data Scientist Fellowship from Harvard.
  • I used to play roller derby.

What You Will Find In My Blog

“You don’t need to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces,
Just good, recipes from fresh
Julia child

What You Will Not Find On My Blog

  • Recipes made with animal products, except a few old vegetarian recipes.
  • Advice: it’s not what I am about.
  • Judgment (did I mention I am very happily married to a carnivore?)
  • Julia Child recipes, with the exception of one vegetarian quiche recipe, although she is the GOAT in my book!
Ruth holding a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Charity of the Month

Her ALS Story

Donation Amount – $250

Previous Donations

January – Beagle Basecamp $50

February – $50 – Colorado Beagle Rescue

March – $50 – Bike MS

April – $50 – ALS Association

May – $50 – Wild Animal Sanctuary

April – $50 – Wild Animal Sanctuary

June – $50 – Matthew Shepard Foundation

July – $50 – Culinary Hospitality Outreach and Wellness (CHOW)

August – $50 – Kindness Ranch

September – $100 – Maui Humane Society

October – $50 – Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

November – $50 – Doctors Without Borders

December – $50 Compassion in World Farming

January – Beagle Freedom Project $50

February – ALS Therapy Development $100

March – Her ALS Story – $250, In memory of Elana Coccio.


When I am not cooking or baking, I have this thing for rescuing beagles. I am partial to the oldies.

Lucy the beagle staring at the camera.


Rescued at 6

Hank the beagle staring at the camera.


Rescued at 5

Ellie the beagle looking off to the side.


Rescued at 1

Dolly the beagle staring at the camera.


Rescued at 10

Buddy the beagle on a bed.


Rescued at 13

June Bug resting on a shoe.


Rescued at 4