Limoncello  Aperol Spritz Recipe

Sinful Kitchen

* Easy to Make   * Perfect for One, Two or a Crowd! * Step by Step Instructions * Classic 3-2-1 recipe


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Only three ingredients are needed to make this classic Italian Aperol spritz. – Prosecco Wine – Limoncello Liquor – Club Soda


All you need is a form of measurement and a glass.  For measurement, the classic bartending jigger is perfect!


Follow the bartending rule of  3-2-1 3 ounces of Prosecco,  2 ounces of limoncello,   1 ounce of club soda 

Mix and Garnish

Pour the spritz over the ice cubes and top with desired garnishes.

Large Batch

Following the rule of 3-2-1 it is easy to make a large Limoncello  Aperol Spritz batch for a crowd

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