20 Vegan Curry Recipes

Vegan curry lovers, look no further; I have a collection of 20 vegan curry recipes that are perfect for dinner. The recipes are easy to make, dairy-free, and plant-based. In addition to dinner, these recipes are perfect for meal prepping.

A bowl of curried soup.

In the mood for a curry dinner? There are so many great recipes that it can be hard to narrow down the perfect dish. To help, I have compiled 20 vegan curry recipes from favorite bloggers.

The curry recipes included in this roundup have been inspired by several different Asian countries. Most of these recipes are easy to make, including a few made with an Instant Pot!

About Indian Curries

Indian curries have evolved over the centuries. Archaeologists have found evidence of curry on the sub-continent as far back as 2000 BCE. Over time each region has developed a distinctive use of spices, flavors, and techniques.

Indian curry dishes use water as a base, usually thick in consistency and spicy in flavor. It is popular to enjoy these curries with steamed rice and Indian breads.

A standard Indian curry contains at least five spices, and it is not uncommon to find dishes made with up to 10 spices. The spices used in making an Indian curry vary by region. Try the different Indian curries in this post and see how different the flavors can be.

About Thai Curries

Thai curries are known for their spicy chili. Thai restaurants typically ask customers if they would like their food mild, medium, or hot. I like hot food, and I always order mild spice. That is because, in Thai cuisine, hot means HOT!

Thai curries tend to be made with full-fat coconut milk, but light coconut milk can easily be substituted. To make a curry without coconut milk, you can substitute cashew cream or non-dairy milk (it will not be as creamy).

Here is a quick breakdown of the five most common Thai curries found in the west:

  • Yellow – Tends to have a mild taste and is bright yellow from the turmeric and mustard seeds.
  • Red – By far my favorite style. This curry combines sweet flavor from lemongrass and ginger and spice from chiles.
  • Green is made with young green chilies and is generally considered the spicier of the three colors.
  • Panang – Combines mild spices and peanuts, creating a smooth and soft curry.
  • Massaman – Is similar to Panang. However, the peanuts are roasted, and the chilies are a little spicier.

Common Substitutions

In the world of curries, ingredients are easily substituted. Here are some suggestions that I am most commonly asked about.

Rice – If the recipe calls for rice, you can easily use brown rice, white rice, or cauliflower rice. Basmati rice is perfect with just about every curry recipe.

Coconut Milk – Is a common ingredient in making a creamy vegan curry. I always use full-fat coconut milk for the richest sauce possible. Lite coconut milk can also be used, but the dish might not be as creamy if you are using coconut cream in place of full-fat coconut milk a common substation ratio is 1/3 coconut milk and 2/3rd water or vegetable broth.

Curry Powder – If you need a curry powder substitute, I have 10 great curry powder suggestions to help you out.

20 Vegan Curry Recipes

Vegan Thai Coconut Tofu Red Curry
Thai Coconut Tofu Red Curry with Oven Roasted Vegetables is bursting with flavor and texture. With just a couple extra steps of oven-roasting the vegetables to perfection, this classic dish will go from good to your new favorite go-to dinner!
Check out this recipe
Finished recipe plated.
Indian Eggplant Curry – Aubergine Curry
This Eggplant Indian Curry recipe is one of my favorite comfort food dishes of all time. It is an effortless preparation with meltingly tender eggplant and a luscious sauce loaded with big Indian flavors. Indian cooking at its best!
Check out this recipe
Indian eggplant curry with a wooden spoon.
Afghan Kidney Bean Curry (Lubya)
A flavorful vegan Afghan curry made with kidney beans and a simmered tomato sauce. This curry is mild, soft, and buttery.
Check out this recipe
Lubya in a skillet with garnishes.
Curried Butternut Squash Curry Soup
If you're looking for a cozy and delicious soup to warm up your winter day, look no further than this Curried Butternut Squash Curry Soup! This simple yet flavorful recipe will tantalize your taste buds with the unique combination of sweet butternut squash, savory curry spices, and velvety coconut milk.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of soup.
Chickpea and Spinach Curry
If you're looking for an easy vegan chickpea curry that uses mostly pantry staple ingredients, this chickpea and spinach curry is for you! VEGETARIAN (Honey, easily modified) . Recipe by: The Healthy Epicurean
Check out this recipe
Dutch oven filled with curry.
Mushroom Masala
Nothing complements the flavors from mushrooms as Mushroom Masala does and that's the recipe I am sharing today. Mushroom Masala is a simple yet delicious recipe that is usually paired with rotis or Indian bread. With the right amount of spices, it can be a great pairing for steamed rice too.
Check out this recipe
A bowl filled with curry.
Vegan Tikka Masala
This vegan tikka masala is incredibly tasty. It’s got an amazingly flavorful thick masala sauce with beautifully roasted marinated veggies and tofu. Use either white or brown rice with this recipe. Recipe by Vegan on Board
Check out this recipe
A bowl filled with curry and rice.
Indian Pumpkin Curry
With simple spices and tomato paste in a simmering coconut milk base, this Indian pumpkin curry will take you to the heart of Indian cuisine. Recipe by Simple Sumptuous Cooking.
Check out this recipe
A bowl of pumpkin curry and rice.
Instant Pot Vegan Thai Panang Curry
This Easy Instant Pot Vegan Thai Panang Curry is loaded with bold and delicious flavor! This curry comes together in 30 minutes and is almost entirely hands-off! Squeeze lime on top for an extra layer of flavor. Recipe by Fresh Fig.
Check out this recipe
A bowl filled with curry and garnished with lime.
Jackfruit and Sweet Potato Curry Recipe
This Jackfruit and Sweet Potato Curry Recipe is rich, hearty, and super easy to make. This healthy one-pot meal is vegan, oil-free and wonderful to feed your whole family. Recipe by Aubry's Kitchen
Check out this recipe
A bowl filled with curry.
Vegan Thai Red Curry Recipe
Vegan Thai Red Curry Recipe is a great vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Idea. You can also make the whole thing ahead of time. Includes recipe video too.
Check out this recipe
Bowl filled with red curry.
Chickpea Pumpkin Curry
Chickpeas form the base for this chickpea pumpkin curry recipe has garlic, ginger, and jalapeño as the base and pumpkin puree and coconut milk for a creamy texture. Recipe by Edible Mosaic.
Check out this recipe
Curry in a copper pot.
Whole Masoor Dal (brown lentils)
Whole masoor dal (brown lentils) is a delicious and comforting dal that is very easy to make and is ready in 30 minutes (with only 15 minutes of hands-on time). Made in an Instant Pot, this wholesome dal is vegan, gluten-free, and paleo diet-friendly. This one-pot meal is a very good source of plant-based protein. Recipe by Easy Indian Cookbook.
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Cauliflower Peas Masala (Gobi Matar)
This Cauliflower Peas Masala, or Gobi Matar, is a classic example of a homestyle Indian vegetable. Simple, tasty, and healthy using cauliflower florets and green peas for the main vegetables. Recipe from Gypsy Plate.
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Thai Yellow Curry Tofu Recipe
Thai Yellow Curry is a healthy meal that you can enjoy with your family or friends on a weekly basis! Recipe by Our Plant Based World.
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A bowl filed with curry.
Adzuki Bean Curry
An incredibly flavorful vegan coconut curry broth enveloping adzuki beans makes for one filling and healthy meal when served alongside rice or quinoa. Recipe by Moon and Spoon and Yum.
Check out this recipe
Two hands around a bowl of curry.
Gluten-Free Korean Inspired Curry Rice
This Gluten-Free Korean Inspired Curry Rice is full of bold and delicious flavor. Hearty and warming, this curry rice is perfect for the chilly days ahead!
Check out this recipe
A bowl of Koren rice.
Palak Aloo
Potatoes and fresh spinach cooked together in a few simple but deliciously fragrant spices, palak aloo is an easy but absolutely delicious recipe! When we were in India we tasted many different aloo recipes, but we really loved aloo palak, we spoke with a generous chef who shared their recipe with us, we’ve played around with it over the years, and this is our take on this simple side dish.
Check out this recipe
Pictures of nine different bowls of curry.
Five different bowls of curry.

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