Best Vegan Restaurants in Denver – Updated January 2024

Are you searching for the best vegan restaurants in Denver? As a Denver native and vegan, I’m excited to guide you through our city’s growing vegan scene. From casual to innovative, Denver has something for everyone!

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Scoring Denver to find the best vegan restaurants is a favorite hobby of mine.  As a Denver native, vegetarian for 35 years, and now vegan for three years, I have watched the vegan food scene transform. From one restaurant on the side of the Hare Krishna temple to many choices in the metro area. Watching the vegan scene expand in the Mile High City has been fun!

Why You Can Trust My Guide

As a Denver native, my recommendations in this list come from firsthand experiences. This guide is authentic, born from a local’s perspective. It’s not AI-generated or written by someone who writes from second or third-hand experiences. 

This guide includes the best vegan restaurants in Denver and a comprehensive list of all Denver vegan-only options. Eating with vegetarians or carnivores? Don’t worry. I have you covered with the best vegan options in town.  Proving there is something for everyone! 

Now, on to the good stuff: where to eat the best vegan food in Denver!

Best Denver Vegan Restaurants


Best All-Around

Fellow Traveler stands out as THE gem! This place is a haven for anyone looking for delicious vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based dishes. They are an ideal spot for a date night, family dinner, laid-back lunch, or weekend brunch with friends.

The menu has a variety of flavors, including Taco Tuesday, where tacos are $2.50 all day! My favorite menu item is pineapple fried rice – It is irresistible! I thought I would have one bite when served, but it was so good I could not stop eating!

Fellow Traveler also serves a weekend brunch from 10 – 3 that includes a vegan Colorado green chile breakfast burrito,  cinnamon cornbread sticks, and a vanilla raspberry waffle!


Best International Flavors

I am obsessed with Total Vegan Indian Restaurant. While all their food is delicious, their homemade samosas stand out. Unlike the usual ones around town, these are authentic and homemade. The Mushroom Manchurian is another favorite of mine; it is full of great flavors and textures.

Their main dishes were so good my husband declared this the best Indian restaurant he had ever visited!  For a carnivore that loves Indian food, that was an impressive review!  I had the Combo Biryani, which was perfect in every way! My husband ordered the Aloo Gobi, which was as good as the dishes I remember from my time in India.

Their main dishes were so good my husband declared this the best Indian restaurant he had ever visited!  For a carnivore that loves Indian food, that was an impressive review!  I had the Combo Biryani, which was perfect in every way! My husband ordered the Aloo Gobi, which was as good as the dishes I remember from my time in India.

Finally, Total Vegan Indian Restaurant has Naan bread, a must-try. It is the only vegan Naan bread I have found in Denver, and my taste buds were so happy!  It was Soft, fluffy, and perfect.  Whenever I’m craving Indian food, Total Vegan Indian Restaurant is my only choice (sorry, Spice Room. You have been replaced.)


Best Casual Eatery

Great news for Denver’s plant-based food scene – Native Foods in Glendale is now locally owned! The community rallied behind the manager when he decided to buy the restaurant, helping him clear the previous debts. It’s heartwarming to receive support from the Denver vegan community.  The new owner is maintaining the beloved Native Foods menu. 

So, what’s the scoop on Native Foods? It’s a fast-casual vegan restaurant with a seasonal and rotating menu. The staples include burgers, wraps, bowls, and salads. And let’s not forget my personal favorite – nachos!   Did I say favorite without mentioning sweet potato fries and lemon dill potato salad? They are also favorites.  There are so many good items I can’t decide on one favorite item.


Best Vegan Burger

I was craving a juicy burger that hit the spot. Next Level Burger in the DU neighborhood, just off Evans, is the perfect spot. They are a small chain with a menu that features classic-style burgers, chicken patties, and traditional sides like french fries, tater tots, onion rings, and shakes.

I stopped by the other day and had a cheeseburger with tater tots.  The burger itself was delicious, but the tater tots were my favorite. They were fried to perfection, achieving the perfect balance of crisp without being greasy.  Oh yeah, remember the strawberry shake.  It’s worth the price.


Best Spicy Flavors

Bang Up to the Elephant is a lively Caribbean-inspired restaurant in the heart of Denver—the menu stands out for its unique fusion of tropical flavors. The chef has truly mastered the art of blending heat and sweetness.  Then decoration is fun too, with tropical plants painted on the walls!

I recommend happy hour when their starters are half-priced. For those who enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene, the place comes alive after 9 PM.

My top dish recommendations? You can’t go wrong with their waffle fries – they are irresistible. And the cassareep rice bowl is a must; it’s full of flavor and always hits the spot. Just a heads-up about parking: Bang Up to the Elephant is in the heart of Capitol Hill, where parking can be tricky. I recommend allowing a bit of extra time to find a spot. Trust me, the food and atmosphere are worth the effort!


Best Vegan Sushi

Wellness Sushi offers plant-based sushi rolls and bowls of ramen.  But these are different from your average rolls and ramen; they are so good that Wellness Sushi was the only Colorado restaurant to make the Yelp top 100 list in 2023!  

They pride themselves on using high-quality ingredients, including fresh vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, and organic tofu. That dedication shines through in the flavor. Their rolls are so good that I frequently pick them up on the way home from work – they’re that good!  The menu is also wallet-friendly, with prices ranging from $10.99 to $15.75.

A heads-up for first-time visitors: the restaurant is small, and there can be a lot of smoke. I’m hopeful they will upgrade their hood system; until then, I will keep grabbing to go.


Most Daring Menu (In The Best Way Possible)

Somebody People’s menu is the most inventive in town.  They are self-described as a vegetable-forward dining experience, and I would agree with that statement.  While they have a menu with individual items, I recommend bypassing that and opting for their “Feed Me” experience. The staff will serve you 6 to 7 small plates for sharing. Despite being labeled ‘small,’ you will leave this restaurant full and happy!

When you enter the dining room, you will immediately notice David Bowie and Kate Bush murals, which implies this will be a fun and hip experience. However, I would not recommend Somebody People if you’re searching for a quiet dinner.  Also, note they have a 20% service charge with an additional 1% Zero Footprint donation.  It is listed at the bottom of their menu.  


Best Grab and Go

Meta Burger is an excellent spot for plant-based burgers in town. While Meta Burger makes their burgers, I love that customers get to vote on the special burger each month. (By the way, I’m eagerly awaiting the French dip to return!)

As for the prices, they are reasonable, especially in a city where everything keeps going up. Burgers are priced between $11 and $14, and if you’re looking to share something, their shareable items are a steal at just $9. Meta Burger is the go-to place for anyone craving a delicious, plant-based burger experience without breaking the bank.

Vegan-Only Restaurants

Denver’s vegan scene is impressive, featuring everything from small cafes and popular food trucks to vegan-only bakeries. You’ll find a range of flavors. Some restaurants and food trucks also provide catering services.

Bang Up To The ElephantMeta BurgerTotal Indian Vegan Restaurant
Bare BlendsMora Pizza
(Food Truck)
Vegan Van
Cholo Ass Vegan (Online Store)Native FoodsVeganDreamz (Home Bakery)
Creole Vegan (Food Truck)Next Level BurgerWatercourse Foods
Dos Santos Pastéis (Pop-up & Catering)Somebody PeopleWellness Sushi
Fellow TravelerSweet Izzy
(Ice Cream)
Wong Way
(food truck & Catering)
GladysThe Cake Bar (Bakery)
Grateful Plant FoodsThe Easy Vegan (Pop-Up)

Although the list above includes only vegan restaurants, Denver also has many restaurants with vegan options. These restaurants have put thought into their vegan options, and some items on their menus are particularly noteworthy. This list was compiled with the help of the Vegan Denver Colorado Facebook group.

AniseHey BangkokSaftaThe Madras Cafe
BlackbirdIke’s Love SandwichesSAME CaféThe Spice Room
Blue Sky CafeKahlos RestaurantSputnikTurtle Boat
Blue Sushi GrillLingerTarasco’s Unique Indian Cuisine
Cart DriverMasalaTaste of ThailandVoo Doo Doughnuts
City o’ CityNamaste IndiaThai Noon Plus Vegan V Revolution
El FivePig and SproutThai Pot Vital Root
Flower ChildRheinlander BakeryThe Corner BeetWhole Sol Blend Bar
Root DownThe CryptWonder Press
Yard House
Zaman Fresh

About: Ruth Grindeland is a proud Denver native and a vegan. In addition to owning this blog, Ruth loves to try new vegan restaurants in Denver.

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