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Yellow Fruits to Add Color to Your Food Rainbow


Yellow foods are a recommended part of the daily food rainbow.  While I love them, this list is more than bananas!

Canary Melon

The bright color is reminiscent of a canary. When cut open, the juice flows, and the taste is similar to honeydew!

Golden Kiwi

Sandy-yellow color on the inside. They are generally sweeter than the regular kiwi. They are also smooth and hairless.


They need no introduction. Known for their citrus flavor, they make dishes come alive with a touch of complexity.


A widely popular round yellow fruit is the pineapple. They are sweet, juicy, and have a tropical flair.

Yellow Cherries

Yellow cherries are similar to their red cousin. They are sweet and tart. Typically, they ripen in early to mid-summer.

Yellow Pear

Yellow pears are round with a crisp, and delicious. Eat unpeeled to get the most nutrition.

Yellow Watermelon

Similar to the traditional red watermelon, the yellow is a sweeter variety with a delicious honey flavor!

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