* Easy Homemade Cookie Recipe * BIG Peanut Butter Flavor * Chocolate Chips Optional

These cookes combine the best of both world, peanut butter and chocolate chips.   If you prefer only peanut butter cookies, remove the chips from the recipe



Baking Powder and Soda Vanilla Extract Aquafaba Sugar and Brown Sugar Chocolate Chips Flour Peanut butter

                 Whisk the dry                 Ingredients together:                 The flour, baking                 powder, baking                 soda, and salt.



Cream the peanut butter, butter, white and brown sugars together until everything is evenly distributed. 


Slowly add the aquafaba and vanilla extract to the peanut butter and use the hand mixer to thoroughly combine. 


Mix in the flour mixture  by hand using a spatula or wooden spoon.  Be careful not to over mix. 


If you want the chocolate chips, gently mix the chips into the dough by hand during this step. 


Scoop the cooke dough evenly  and flatten each cookie slightly with the palm of your hand


Press extra chips  on top of each cookie for added visual appeal


Let the cookies cool and then enjoy!

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