Denver Vegan Restaurants

Denver Vegan Restaurants

Sinful Kitchen

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#1. Fellow traveler

Fellow Traveler has it all! It has a great menu, service, and atmosphere.  This is the all-around best restaurant in Denver!

#2. Bang Up To The Elephant

Bang up the Elephant perfectly balances tropical flavors, heat, and sweetness. Be sure to try the waffle fries!

#3. Next Level Burger

Want a burger to sink your teeth into? Next Level Burger is that place! Remember to get a shake while you're there!

#4. Native Foods

Perfect fast-casual vegan restaurant. While several are closing, we still have one in Glendale.  Please support it!

#6. Wellness Sushi

Wellness Sushi's menu is full of flavorful sushi rolls and bowls of ramen. They only use fresh ingredients!

#7. Somebody People

Somebody People's menu is daring and creative.  I recommend going straight to the "Feed Me" option.

More Vegan Restaurants

Click below to find a complete list of vegan restaurants in Denver. We have 20!

Lots of Vegan Optional Restaurants

In addition, I have 27 Restaurants that have excellent vegan options.  There is truly something for everyone!

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