Easy Meatless Dinner Ideas

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Sloppy Joes

Bite into nostalgia, while staying meatless, with this plant based and vegan sloppy joe recipe. 

Tofu Thai Red Curry

This easy dish is perfect for Meatless Monday and Meatless anyday meal. Red curry is loaded with flavor while balancing flavor, protein and veggies!

Golden Beet Salad

Have a giant salad filled with fresh veggies and fruits for dinner.  My family cannot get enough of this salad!

Plant Based  Plant-Based 

Enjoy a lighter feast with a plant-based wrap. With 12 recipes, there is something perfect for your family!

Lubya Afghan Kidney Bean Curry

Don't let the word curry trick you, this dish only uses two spices that are soft and compliments the kidney beans.  It is also surprisingly full of flavor!

Colorado Green Chile

Try our chile and find out what the rage is.  I like mine as a hearty stew and a full meal. 

Meatless Soups

Sometimes nothing is better than a warm soup!  Try one of 50 meatless soups.  There are so many to choose from you will find the perfect soup for your family!

Homemade Bread

Free yourself of processed foods by making bread at home. It only takes five simple ingredients and a little patience.  This recipe is perfect for beginners!

Want More Plant Based Recipes?

Colorado green chile, my most popular recipe!

Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Sinfully good!

Starbucks Strawberry Acai copycat recipe

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