Denver's Best Vegan Restaurants

Denver's Best Vegan Restaurants

Sinful Kitchen

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Fellow Traveler

Fellow Traveler has it all! It has a great menu, service, and atmosphere.  This is the all-around best restaurant in Denver!

Total Vegan Indian Restaurant 

Quite possibly the best Indian food in town. The menu is wonderful, food delicious and service impecable!

Wellness Sushi

The only Colorado restaurant to make the Yelp top 100 in 2023, their sushi is so good you will wonder why you ever wanted traditional seafood sushi!

Somebody People

No argument here, this is the best place to go for creative and high end vegan cuisine! Make reservations, Somebody People is always packed!

Native Foods

Now locally owned, Native Foods has the same great menu and seasonal menu you have come to expect!

Next Level Burger

This place truly has next level burgers!  Not to mention tater tots and strawberry shakes!

More Vegan Restaurants

Click below to find a complete list of vegan only restaurants in Denver. No worries about cross contamination on this list!

Lots of Vegan Optional Restaurants

In addition, I have 27 Restaurants that have excellent vegan options.  There is truly something for everyone!

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