Blended Baked Oats

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* FAST and EASY Recipe! * Step-by-Step Instructions * Ready in TWO Minutes

What Are Blended Baked Oats?

The easy answer? Oats that have been bleneded into a flour and baked. The result is a cake like texture for breakfast!

What Are Blended Baked Oats?

Baking powder is added which case the oats to become light and airy.  Aka, cake like!

What is the Flavor?

Just like regular oatmeal, you can flavor your oats anyway you like!  They can be healthy or they can be sinful.

Can You Help With the Flavor?

YES! I have included 13 flavor combinations including  measurements.  You can make the flavor you want following my recipe!

How Long Does It Take To Make?

You can make blended baked oats in under 5 minutes using the microwave.  You read that right, less than 5 minutes!

Can I Make It For One?

Yes, you can make blended baked oats for one or for an entire family.  This recipe is so flexible!

What Ingredients Do I need?

– Rolled oats, old-fashioned oats, or oat flour – Banana mashed – Milk/plant-based milk – Maple syrup – Vanilla extract – Baking powder


Blend the oats in a high speed blender.  Mix in the ingredients and microwave for two minutes.  EASY PEASY!

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