10 Best Baking Egg Substitutes

Sinful Kitchen

*Find the best substitute for your recipe * Applesauce, chia seeds, egg replacer and many more!

Which Substitute Is The Right One?

Finding the right vegan egg substitute for baking can be tricky. You have to know which alternate aligns with what you are baking.

Which Substitute Is The Right One?

So many creative options are available that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Hang tight; I created a list of my favorite vegan egg substitutes.

Why are Eggs Important in Baking?

Eggs in baking serve three functions: binding, leavening, and moisture. Eggs also provide flavor and texture, making your dessert creamy, moist, or light.


Unflavored applesauce is my favorite ingredient when I want a moist texture, like cakes and muns. It makes everything perfectly moist, more so than eggs ever did!


Aquafaba is the chickpea brine (liquid) in canned chickpeas. It is a versatile egg replacer in almost any vegan baking recipe.  I using it for making brownies!


Banana works similarly to applesauce; it adds moisture and sweetness to baked goods. Ripe bananas work best, but you can also use just past-ripe bananas.

Chia Seeds

Thanks to their gel-like texture, ground chia seeds are an excellent choice for binding or thickening in vegan baking.

Packaged Egg Replacer

Packaged egg replacements are made from potato starch, tapioca starch, leavening, and other ingredients.

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